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Resource Library of Research and Information About Viking/Varangian Burial Finds

*** Please note that this page is a work in progress and is only acting as an online bibliography or research library to share links to resources for those interested in Viking Studies. As time goes on, I have the full intent to better organize this page, for now the organization will go by the country where the burial find occurred. If you have any resources to share and you would like to see added to this page, please feel free to contact me. I will credit you for your contribution. ***


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Online Bibliographies and Libraries

1.  “Reconstruction.” Club of historical modeling and reconstruction "Kaup", KAUP, http://club-kaup.narod.ru/en/index.htm. Accessed 27 Sept. 2017. List of Russian articles and books, as well as online links related to Viking, Viking Rus, and Slavic Studies.

2.  “Publications.” Mosfell Archaeological Project (MAP), Arcadia, http://www.viking.ucla.edu/mosfell_project/publications.html. Accessed 27 Sept. 2017. The Mosfell Archaeological Project is an interdisciplinary research project concentrating on the region of Mosfell in southwestern Iceland and heavily impacts Viking Studies. This is link is to an online library of research articles, books, and specialist reports related to the Mosfell Archaeological Project.