Em's Compendium

~Lebe, liebe und stehe dazu~

My Durer or Housebook Dress


--- General Construction

I have tried a three other occasions to make a Housebook dress, but alas the pleats defeated me each time.  So I guess, for me, the fourth time is the charm.  I used my brown v-neck kleid as my basic pattern.  I fitted it (I was alone so a desperate girl uses desperate measures) by wearing it inside-out in front of a mirror and armed with embroidery thread and a tapestry needle... it works.



I managed to get the lacing between the front pleats - though I need a better string to lace them with.  I am pretty happy with the over-all finished product.  As I make more... and I will very soon, I will do a better job with documenting my progress.


I had two metal rose buttons, at approx. the start of the slope of my breast.  As the fabric warmed up, the dress really started to hang the way it was suppose to.  I am pretty happy with the results.  I need a better hamd... but I am working on that now : )