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~Lebe, liebe und stehe dazu~

The Durer Dress

It all started with me trying to find a dress to make for the Atlantian Garb Challenge.  I knew I wanted to do Snow White, but I wanted to remain within my period.  Then I saw "The Dress" and I went down the rabbit hole of research.  The result was my research paper, "(A Theory) The Durer Gown:  A Melding of the Housebook and Landsknecht Fashion in the Southern Germanic Countries, ca. 1490-1525.  As seen in Albrecht Durer's engraving, "Young Couple Threatened by Death"
  • I have to update it, rearrange it, and add some more research - but I am fairly happy with it.  Then I took too long to buy the fabric and now I am rushing to get the 1.0 model of the Dürer Dress done.  I will be done by Coronation, and this has been a true learning process.  When I joined the SCA in 2005, I was lucky I could sew a straight line.  The thought of hand sewing anything that was beyond a button was quite humorous.  So I have grown quite a bit since then, and I still have a long ways to go.

    This project was my first "real" attempt at a waist seam.  It is not perfect, but I have learned quite a bit during this process.  The major points that I have learned from this project are:

    1.  Pleated gores set right when hand-sewn... keep the machine away from them.  
    2.  Finish the top of the pleated gore and the top seam of the bodice (where it will be inserted) and use a slip stitch or similar stitch.
    3.  Ensure that you wait on cutting and have extra fabric to "play" with your bodice after inserting the pleated gores.  The gores shift the bodice around a bit.
    4.  The iron is a wonderful thing:  iron before you sew and iron folds in place to mark all your intended seam lines.  It will save you oodles of heartache in the future.

    I am still working on it, but those are the major lessons learned.   Here some pictures from during the process of making the dress:

     Pleated Gore:     









    The final 1.0 of this dress: