Em's Compendium

~Lebe, liebe und stehe dazu~

Brown Wool V-Neck High-Waisted Kleid

I made a simple brown wool v--‐neck kleid.  The front opening of the v--‐neck kleid that has been laced with lacing loops.  Due to time constraints the two unterkleids

were actually pin--‐on sleeves.  The first is pink linen lined in white linen with “bell style” sleeves and the other is made from a simple sari fabric.  It did not come out as full as I would have liked because I did not use enough fabric or take my time laying

out my pattern prior to cutting.  (This is how we learn, from making mistakes.)  In the future I intend to make two unterkleid of the same style of sleeves to where with this.


 Pattern used: